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Endress+Hauser to bid for water management for smart cities

To grow its India business, Endress+Hauser(India), an outfit of Switzerland-based instrumentation and process automation company, is betting big on water management under Smart Cities Mission. According to Kailash Desai, CEO, Endress+Hauser (India), the process measurement and automation industry is estimated to be at INR 2,500 crore in India. Such solutions are used in industries like […]

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Mumbai to Navi Mumbai in under 15 mins by 2018

Commuters can travel Mumbai to Navi Mumbai by water in under 15 minutes by 2018. The move was for the development of a Roll On Roll Off Service (RORO) at Mumbais Ferry Wharf. Source: Magicbricks Now

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BRICS countries call for zero waste in water and sanitation

Placing water and sanitation management in urban areas among the challenges in the context of rapid urbanisation, BRICS countries have called for a zero waste policy through reuse and recycling in a focussed manner. Participating in a discussion on Resilient Water and Sanitation Management at the BRICS Urbanisation Forum, policy makers and experts from the […]

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Water Sensitive Urban Design for a better water mangemnet

With the help of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) it is possible to address the major challenges of water shortage, flooding and pollution. This video is based on work by CIRIA, Arup and AECOM, which explains the concept of WSUD and argues the case for designing with water when planning any new development. Source: landscapeinstituteuk

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Car that runs on water and calcium carbide

A man from Madhya Pradesh has developed a car that runs on acetylene gas, which is formed from a chemical reaction between calcium carbide and water. Source: DD News

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Perth takes steps towards saving water

Being the driest of Australia’s major cities, Perth is now taking measures and investing heavily to ensure sufficient water supply is maintained. Source: BBC

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How to make sea water drinkable

A Danish company has come up with a natural solution to the global issue of how to make sea water drinkable. Source: CNN

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Designer builds shower system to save water

A special shower system has been introduced by designer Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, which cut down the wastage of water while a person is showering. Sources: CNN

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Ahmedabad to use treated water for its gardens

The Ahmedabad MunicipalA?Corporation (AMC)A?has decided to use treatedA?water of a sewage treatmentA?plant to water itsA?Navrang garden. OfficialsA?said the plant, with theA?capacity of 10,000 litres,A?will be installed in a smallA?area of 20sqm. AccordingA?to them, the biological oxygenA?demand in the waterA?will be less than 10 milligramsA?per litre.A?Officials said thatA?untreated water will beA?brought in the tank andA?will be […]

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RO water for slums, resettlement colonies in Delhi

Some 8,000 residents of Savda Ghevda’s slums and resettlement colonies in Delhi will soon have access to subsidised reverse osmosis (RO) treated water. Delhi Jal Board (DJB) is setting up a pilot project under which it will provide RO water to the residents for Rs 3-6 per 20 litres. A single tubewell will be dug […]

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