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L&T adopts sustainable solid waste management measures at MTHL project site

  The Mumbai Trans Harbor Link (MTHL) project is one of the most awaited infrastructure projects in Mumbai city partly because it has been a long-delayed one but, more importantly, because it will ease traffic congestion towards New Mumbai and beyond. At its peak time, the project is estimated to have a 4,500+ workforce and […]

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Sustainability and technology solutions in urban areas

This video is an introduction to various innovators and initiatives of urban sustainability and connected technology. It also looks at the challenges and practical responses related to urban sustainability through the theme of urban social equity. Source: udemy.com

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Masdar City showcases Expo 2020 sculpture

Sustainability, mobility and opportunity are the three themes of Expo 2020 Dubai, with Wi-Fi enabled sculpture constructed at Masdar City. Expo 2020 Dubai commissioned 21 sculptures that together make up the expos logo like a large puzzle. The public is encouraged to visit the sculpture, which will reside in front of Masdar Citys multi-use building […]

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Soon-in Lee

Taipei is a city driven by design. In what was a very provocative bid book, we learnt of Taipeis plan to focus its programme on issues of sustainability and the responsibility of preserving the environment for future generations. The balance between innovation and a respect for nature is what will allow Taipei to be recognised […]

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