Tag: ‘Making Cities Resilient’

Kozhikode city corporation to have a new disaster management plan

A comprehensive disaster management plan on various wards, panchayats, municipalities will be submitted to the district disaster management authority under Kozhikode city corporation. Nodal officers of various departments are already evaluating the local requirements and needs related to the proposals submitted. Special attention will be given to remote areas that face frequent landslides and ecological […]

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Is Chennai the emerging ‘Water Capital’ of India?

Chennai in the recent years has been under one of the worst drought spells. It caught international attention regarding the water crisis situation when it went 170 days without a drop of water. The problem of Chennai doesn’t just lie in lack of rainfall that it had in the previous years, but the lack of […]

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Tamil Nadu to get technical assistance for tackling natural disasters

Disaster hit Tamil Nadu state will soon get technical assistance to chart out strategies and ways to strengthen the risk management. Britain has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Tamil Nadu government to deliver a programme on technical assistance which would focus on bringing a transformation in the way urbanization is being carried out […]

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EU-funded CADRE to increase societal resilience to disasters

Experts from Europe and South Asia are working together on a new project known as CADRE (Collaborative Action towards Disaster Resilience Education). The A?353,246 project, funded by European Union (EU), is initiated to address current and emerging skill and knowledge requirements in the construction industry aimed at increasing societal resilience to disasters. The three-year project, […]

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