Janaadhar Pvt.Ltd to work on the aim of Housing for All vision of providing affordable homes in Karnataka

Since this January, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced lighthouse projects and Global┬áhousing Technology Challenge Initiative-India to put thrust on speedy construction of affordable houses in order to achieve housing for all under PMAY scheme.Bengaluru based Janaadhar Pvt. Ltd has partnered with Reall budget housing projects in India so as to build 11 million affordable houses. […]

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Global Housing technology Challenge catapulting PMAY: housing for all scheme

March of 2019 saw the launch of Global housing technology challenge to speeding up the process of affordable housing under PMAY: Housing for All scheme.PMAY has so far sanctioned the construction of 75 lakh houses out of which 12 lakh have been built. The dream of achieving the affordable housing goal that was set up […]

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