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Ghaziabad secures INR 2241 crore for smart city project

There are two components of the plan area-based development and pan-city solutions. The sum will be spent accordingly. Sanjay Chauhan, Executive Engineer, GDA, said, The region ear-marked for area-based development in the city has been finalised at 1,056.5 acres. This roughly corresponds to the region located between Vaishali metro station and the CISF Road in […]

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Varanasi-Kyoto initiative transforms city to smart heritage

In a bid to strengthen the Indo-Japan diplomatic bilateral relations, the two Asian nation has undertaken a flagship project- ‘Varanasi and Kyoto Initiative’ to further promote the development of Indias holy city- Varanasi. The initiative links India’s heritage capital and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s constituency Varanasi with Japans heritage city Kyoto. The Varanasi-Kyoto partner-city agreement, […]

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Nagpur to be a Wi-Fi enabled city by March 2017

He went on to add, Various government services will be available online for citizens as digitalisation initiatives have been implemented in the city and by the end of this year, Nagpur is set to become the digital city of the country.

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Karnataka CM: Primary focus is to retain Mysores brand as a planned city

Karnataka Chief Minister SiddaramaiahA?unveiled his visionA?for Mysore for the next 50 yearsA?and said the city should beA?mindful of Bengaluru s growthA?pitfalls. Launching a seriesA?of projects worth 200 croreA?aimed at Mysores growth, SiddaramaiahA?said he has askedA?for a blueprint of the citys plan.A?His primary focus is to retainA?Mysores brand as a plannedA?city, he said.A?He said, Commuting in […]

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Gurgaon to develop its own solid waste management plant

Gurgaon may soon have itsA?own solid waste managementA?plant. With growing generationA?of waste, owing to the risingA?population in the city, theA?authorities are now lookingA?beyond Bandhwari plant. TheA?plant at Bandhwari has been aA?joint venture between GurgaonA?and Faridabad.A?Gurgaon is growing rapidly.A?So is Faridabad. Therefore,A?its no longer possible toA?have a joint plant. Already, theA?collective daily garbage collectionA?is touching the […]

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Joan Clos

To have a city which generates wealth, prosperity and jobs for young people, along with shelter,A? basic services and infrastructures, and which conserves energy and reduces poverty, pollution and waste output it has to be properly and carefully planned. There is no reversing the rapid urbanisation taking place and cities must therefore lead the quest […]

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Visakhapatnam releases preliminary draft CDP

The Greater VisakhapatnamA?Municipal Corporation (GVMC) has released a preliminary draft of the city development plan (CDP) after taking up feasibility studies and discussions with stakeholders and peoples’ representatives in the past one year. The CDP is designed to take into account the city’s needs for the next 15 – 20 years. According to the draft […]

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