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Nagpur: The ‘heart of India’ witnessing a manifold change under the Smart City Mission

Nagpur is a smart city that was chosen in round 2 of the Smart cities mission by the Ministry of Housing Urban affairs. India’s smart city proposal(SCP) aims to transform the heart of India into-liveable,  eco-friendly, edu-city and an inclusive city for people to connect better with their government.As part of SCP, Nagpur aims to […]

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Indore: The City of Lakes set to become the City of One Lakh Smart Electric Meters, first of its type in the country

Indore has already installed  97,000 smart electric meters across the city uptil now, the rest 3000 are to be installed in the next 10 days. The city will become the first city in the country to have 1 lakh smart electric meters in residential and commercial buildings, it is estimated that this status will be […]

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The AI way to cleaner air

The prospects look promising for the deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) in the quest for a clean and liveable environment in urban settings with an emphasis on a smart green and liveable city. In particular, it should give special importance to ‘emissions abatement’ because reducing emissions intensity and volume will lower particulate air pollution and […]

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Building smart cities on Ancestral Principles

  The region of Gurugram and the state of Haryana at large present an interesting phenomenon of historical, archaeological and mythological facts that are yet to be completely deciphered and interpreted. One needs to realise that in today’s quest of making Gurugram and others smart cities in Haryana, we may need to pick up lessons from […]

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India-Sweden collaborate on Smart City solutions

The countries India and Sweden launch a joint venture that will address the challenges surrounding smart cities and clean technologies. The venture was partly funded by the Indian Department of Science and Technology along with the Swedish Agency Vinnova.  Funding up to 2,500,000 Swedish Krona (around Rs 1.87 crore) will be provided to Swedish participants […]

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Port Blair SPV visits Bhubaneswar for technical knowhow

A delegation from Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) of Port Blair smart city mission recently visited Bhubaneswar in Odisha to learn and understand some smart tips under the SPV to SPV Coaching Partnership proposed by the Ministry of Urban Development. The team will stay in Bhubaneshwar for two days to receive hands-on knowledge on the technical […]

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Chinese organisations show keen interest in smart city project

Several Chinese companies across various sectors have visited Hyderabad to take part in the Sm@rt Urbanisation meet to explore the possibilities of working on projects in the upcoming smart cities projects in India. The delegation led by Shiyong Hong, Vice President, China Chamber of Commerce and Export Machinery and Electronics Products (CCCME), wants to act […]

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Bihar cabinet sanctioned INR 100 for Patna smart city

The Bihar state cabinet has recently sanctioned INR 100 crore for Patna smart city project. A?Patna was included in the list of 100 cities under the Centres Smart City mission in June last year. Spanish firm Eptisa Servicios de Ingenieria SL has been nominated by the Patna Municipal Corporation for the smart city project as […]

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