Water conservation and harvesting – A Case Study from JR Nagar

JR nagar Colony has recently received attention for the commendable work done for water conservation and harvesting by the Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC). The colony lies in the ward 9 zone II of the Visakhapatnam city. 

Looking at the efforts put by the colony, Dr KSR Murthy, President of the colony had compiled a book of all the activities ‘Water conservation and harvesting— A Case Study from JR Nagar’, which was launched by Mr. G Srijana, Commissioner, GVMC on the occasion of colony’s Foundation Day. 

On the occasion of the Foundation Day, a small report highlighting the efforts undertaken by the colony, it’s activities and achievements of the year was showcased. The report included work done by the Resident Welfare Association in various aspects. Briefly speaking the report delved into the aspects, where the colony has focused on extending the area’s green cover in accordance with implementing solid waste management measures. The rainwater harvesting done has benefitted JR Nagar as the conservation measures adopted allows it to save over 7 lakh litres of water. This effort has already been recognized by the Union Ministry of Water Resources by conferring them with an award of being best RWA in the country for water conservation and management. 

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