Odisha allots Rs. 300 Crores for Puri Heritage Zone

Government of Odisha recently took an important step to preserve its one of the most important and ancient heritage structure of the Jagannath Temple in Puri.

The government has sanctioned 300 crore from the Odisha Contingency Fund (OCF) to meet land acquisition costs for development of the proposed Heritage Security Zone around the Jagannath Temple in Puri under the ABADHA scheme during 2019-20 fiscal.

As per the letter written by Financial Advisor and Additional Secretary to the Accountant General to Government S Kanungo respectively, a detailed sanction order for incurring expenditure against the OCF advance has been issued in favour of the Executive Engineer of Puri R & B Division. 

The Augmentation Basic Amenities & Development of Heritage & Architecture at Puri (ABADHA) scheme at implies the focus of State Government for the development of basic infrastructure at Puri due to the place having worldwide attraction for Lord Jagannath Temple. In order to conserve this area so as to increase the tourism footfall, in Budget, 2017-18, Rs.100 Crores was allotted for Augmentation of Basic Amenities & Development of Heritage and Architecture at Puri (ABADHA). It includes Land Acquisition Charges/Rehabilitation & Resettlement/ Road Improvement for providing better facilities in & around Shree Jagannath Temple.

This is an important step undertaken towards the goal of transforming the town of Puri into a world heritage city in three years at a total cost of Rs 3,208 crore under the ABADHA scheme. While Rs 719 crore has been earmarked for 2019-20, the cost of the projects is estimated to be around Rs 1,402 crore and Rs 1,087 crore in 2020-21 and 2021-22, respectively.

The projects include development of the heritage security zone, Shree Setu, Musa River Revival Plan, Jagannath Ballav pilgrim centre, various housing projects, upgradation of the Raghunandan Library, Atharnala heritage project and development of heritage lakes.

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