In order to manage the diverse medium of city’s transport, Surat plans to launch an Intelligent Transport Management System under which public transport and vehicles related to civic services like Solid Waste Management, Drainage, Heavy Engineering, Emergency Services etc. are tracked and managed.

This is the first of its kind system in which mobile application and public websites will enable interaction with project sector and predispose of emergency vehicles. This project is estimated to be executed at the cost of ₹ 48.99 Crores. 

This step is important as along with the management and co-ordination of public transport, it will also ensure sound event management, live bus tracking, digitally transformed depot operations.

The system includes the feature of Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS), that will track buses on service lines and provide alerts like route deviation, trip adherence, skipped stops, etc. Depot Management System (DMS) will be capable of managing details of the vehicle driver and facilitate schedule management and allocations of the same. The system is also equipped for providing assistance during streamline incident management in cases like vehicle breakdown, accident, etc.  All the information will be managed via a central module which will manage all the data from buses’ GPS units and then provide it on the Passenger Information System (PIS), that could be accessed in the form of a mobile app or through website. The Command and Control Centre (CCC) along with Data Centre has been established which will provide overall management, ensure smooth ITMS functions by coordinating with relevant stakeholders. It is presently operated by 10 designated/ trained personnel. The project covers 30 operational routes for bus services in the city, under which four Bus Depots have already started utilizing DMS. 

Such quality facilities that provide good public transport get more citizens to start using public transport. They are instrumental in reducing traffic problems in the future. 

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