STPs novated with SCADA and Energy Generation in Surat

Walking towards a clean and healthy environment, Surat city has stepped up its efforts of water purification by upgrading the existing infrastructure of water purification at Anjana and Dindoli areas.

The existing 82.5 MLD capacity Sewage Treatment Plant was upgraded up to 122 MLD capacity at Anjana, while the capacity of the STP at Dindoli Area is to be upgraded from 66 MLD to 167 MLD. The upgradation of the capacity is important in order to respond to the needs of the growing population in the area as the STPs in the area is already running at their maximum flow. The plant will treat sewage by stabilizing the decomposable organic matter in it to produce effluents and sludge, which would then be be disposed off into the nearest bay without causing any kind of health hazards. The plant is designed to deliver the wastewater conforming to the standards specified by the CPHEEO manual / Ministry of Environment / Gujarat Pollution Control Board for discharge in the water bodies. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is implemented to keep a track of the quality, quantity and working of the Sewage Treatment Plant.

For the upgradation at Dindoli, approximately ₹ 359.21 corers are invested. Along with the upgradation the capacity, the project will also prove to be beneficial in producing Electrical energy which will be Bio-gas plant based.

This will result in cost reduction, as this energy will be used instead of the plant energy. A 40 MLD capacity Tertiary Treatment plant is set up in area of Dindoli to treat secondary treated water from Dindoli Sewage Treatment Plant. This treated Industrial Grade Water will then be supplied to Pandesara Industrial Estate which will generate income for Surat Municipal Corporation. The treatment will be influential in curbing air and water pollution and will reduce pressure on the city’s underground water resources. 


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