Nava Raipur sets up state-of-the-art ICCC to enhance water distribution network


The Integrated Command and Control Centre set up in Nava Raipur-India’s first smart greenfield city has set a benchmark for all smart cities across the nation by completing first of its kind integrated Smart city project having Utility Management at its core for management of Water Supply, electrical supply, integration with sewerage treatment and smart streetlight.

The city administrators get to manage and control the entire water, sewerage, electricity and streetlights from this common city command centre. The citizens also get single window access to apply for new water connection, disconnection online bill payments, filing a complaint or a grievance.

Since the city faced challenges in the water management system, SCADA system helped in overcoming those challenges in both water distribution network and wastewater treatment. In these plants, workstations are located in a control room which allows operators to view and perform control actions. In distribution plants, SCADA is used in monitoring water tank levels, the pressure of water system, plant temperature, sedimentation, filtration, chemical treatment etc. The SCADA system also helps in delivering business system integration, cost-effectiveness and system security in water control systems and plants. The entire Nava Raipur water network from source to consumption was done as a part of the water management system. There is the automation of intake well and raw water pumping main, water treatment plant, clear water gravity line, UGRs with pump house, internal sector distribution. There is an integration of water SCADA with the integrated command control centre.24*7 uninterrupted water and power supply with real-time monitoring through state-of-the-art Electrical and Water SCADA systems. This has led to enhanced decision making through business analytics, reporting and tools , GIS mapping of all existing infrastructures/assets for easy management and planning of new infrastructure elements

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