Namchi Smart City stands out in North East India under the Smart City Mission


Namchi Smart City has emerged as the highest-ranking city from North-East India. It has been ranked 36th in the country under Smart Cities Mission. Namchi Smart City Mission(NSCM) has focussed on projects like the Integrated Water Supply Project, smart pedestrian walkway project, smart lighting, public utilities project and integrated command control centre. These projects are the key focus under the Smart City Mission that was launched in 2015. 


Namchi has had an asymmetry between the water supply and the growing population of the city. According to the Grant Thornton report, only 64%of the households had water supply. There was an irregular distribution of water networks, improper flow and pressure management system, and contaminated water supply which led to improper living conditions. The IWSP project in Namchi with its proposed length of 88kms of water pipeline aims to address the water scarcity problem in Namchi. It has already laid 23.25 kms of pipeline in 11 zones. Grant Thornton has also proposed a GIS- base hydraulic zoning of the network as well as automated water supply. Apart from this, it has also mentioned smart metering in order to reduce water wastage and price the water usage along with co-polymer based rainwater harvesting. The co-polymer based water harvesting has already been executed in Namchi at Kamrang College.


G.T.Bhutia, Namchi Smart City CEO had also notified in a recent conference that there has been an installation of LED street lights and beautification of various areas in Namchi under NSCM has taken place. The smart pedestrian walkway system that has also been lauded by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs , has already seen the completion of 3.89 kms in Phase 1 and is now gearing up for Phase 2 and Phase 3 where it will try to achieve 13.3 kms of the pedestrian walkway project.


NSCM is also working towards the public utility project where it is aiming to provide facilities like smart toilets, cobbler, tailor and organic shops all under one roof. Along with this NSCM is also working towards setting up Integrated Command and Control Centre which will have features like integrated platform, smart governance and other technologies that help in better governance. Namchi is also looking to make city disabled-friendly by installing tactile tiles that will help in better navigation for visually impaired citizens.


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