Magic pod: Building Homes in a better, cheaper & a faster way

Having been a key proponent of Modern Methods of Construction in India, Magicrete, over the last decade has revolutionized the way walls are built with its flagship product MagicBloxTM. Magicrete with an aim to further transform the construction process in the country is proud to introduce the 3rd generation building construction technology – MagicPodTM.MagicPodTM is 3D Modular construction technology wherein building structure to be made is modularised into parts called Pods, which are manufactured & finished in a factory. These fully finished pods are then shipped to the site and assembled. MagicPodTM is designed with the aspects of speedy installation, modular architecture, stringent quality control, structural stability and efficient use of resources.  

Siddharth Sharma (President, Magicrete Precast) states, “Construction in India has been struggling in terms of increasing labour productivity. The need of the hour is to ‘industrialize’ construction by adopting a manufacture and assembly approach.”

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs recently organized the Global Housing Technology Challenge with the objective of speeding up home construction in the country.  Magicrete has won the challenge with its bid for the Lighthouse Project, under which it will deliver 1000 homes in Ranchi over next 12 months using its MagicPodTM technology.

Process on site


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