Ladakh launches ‘Green Himalaya project’ to combat climate change



The UN in a recent report highlighting the Hindu-Kush region on climate change let to a group of NGOs-backed by Drikung Kagyu order of Tibetian Buddhism Chetsang Ripoche, corporate houses and local communities launched an ambitious program to brace Ladakh for climate change. The Ladakh MP Jamyang Tsering Namgyal launched the project Green Himalayas and created a model site at Phobrang in Ladakh.

The project aims at making a sustainable ecosystem and also open economic avenues for the local youth, women and larger communities in Ladakh. The site for execution of the project covers 250 acres.The 257 villages in Ladakh are all dependent on glacier-fed resources unlike the rest of the country which has rain-fed resources and due to the current climate change, the glaciers are melting rapidly. The joint initiative of NGOs, Go green and golden mile is the first step in initiating a solution in order to preserve the ecosystem and maintain the means of sustainable livelihood. The BJP MP has appealed to agriculturists, economists, and sustainable development experts from across the country to associate themselves 

Buddhist spiritual leaders call to plant a billion trees for seven billion people in the foothills of Himalaya. The group has already planted 25000 trees.

The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change has last month released a special report on ‘ocean and cryosphere’, indicating that 240 million people of the Hindu Kush Himalayan region-the area covering all the mountain chains would be affected as the climate change will affect the availability of freshwater resources. The project will build partnerships with villagers, establish cooperatives and create water bodies for sustainable development of the entire region.

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