Jal Sathis in Orissa to help in efficient piped water supply under AMRUT scheme


The Water Corporation of Odisha Limited(WATCO) has been imparting training to Jal Sathis in order to improve the quality of water supply and ensure a smoother collection of taxes. This is also being done through the members of certain Self Help Groups(SHG)and Aerial Level Federation(ALF). The members of SHG and ALF were given the training to use Point of Sale machines of banks for the collection of taxes. They were trained by the State Urban Development Authority (SUDA) and WATCO and were given instructions on the day to day activities and method of collection of water tax. 

Under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation scheme that had an impetus on piped water supply has already been initiated in seven wards of Bhubaneshwar Municipal Corporation. It’s through this scheme that Jal Sathis have been appointed for collection of water tax from the beneficiaries. The Jal Sathis will visit houses every day to test the water quality and collect water tax from the beneficiaries.

The Jal Sathis will earn Rs 3000-4000 a month and will get paid Rs 20 for testing a water sample subject to a maximum of 20 houses in a day. They will get their remuneration through registered ALFs and will be paid 5% of the amount collected by the which will be transferred directly to their bank accounts. Water tax will be collected on the basis of reading water meters and soon collection of water tax by Jal Sathis will be extended to all the 114 municipal bodies in the State.

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