Indore: The City of Lakes set to become the City of One Lakh Smart Electric Meters, first of its type in the country

Indore has already installed  97,000 smart electric meters across the city uptil now, the rest 3000 are to be installed in the next 10 days. The city will become the first city in the country to have 1 lakh smart electric meters in residential and commercial buildings, it is estimated that this status will be achieved by the next fortnight.

The initial plan to install a total 70000 smart electric meters was upgraded to 1 lakh to cover the whole city. West Discom’s Managing Director Vikas Narwal said, “The total number of smart meters installed in the city will reach 1 lakh in the next seven to eight days.” It was done as the experiment proved to be a major success, as the smart meters have been influential in containing power pilferage, cutting Discom’s losses and thereby increasing its revenue.

What makes these smart meters smart; is the function that the meters not only help in checking power theft, but also help the company to cut connection of defiant consumer from feeder or transformer level. The feature that enables the aforementioned functions is that the meters are equipped with radio frequency technology. 

The replacement work of old meters with smart meters commenced from Parmanu Nagar in 2018. Currently, it is being installed at Shiv Vilas Palace adjoining Rajwada which comes under GPH zone, along with it the work is going on in houses under Kali Mandir Feeder of Khajrana region and Kushwaha Nagar Feeder of Sangam Nagar Zone. Mr. Narwal said, “The smart meter which will take count to one lakh will be installed in one of these feeders. With this, Indore will become first in the country to have most number of smart meters.” Madhya Pradesh Power Distribution Company had prioritized the installation of the smart meters in the parts of the city where electricity heist was widespread. 

The Smart Meters model is being appreciated and referred by many states, so far 15 states have visited Indore to see its application and impact in the power distribution system. Officials of Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) and Power Finance Corporation (PFC) of the Centre also visited the city to view the model project. 

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