India to soon have smart nameplate for easy transactions of electricity and tax


Smart nameplate to be launched soon in the 100 smart cities. This will be executed by a company called Smart CT. The idea of smart nameplate is to have the information of the family, electricity and tax by scanning of the QR code. Ujjain is seeing a launch of 1 lakh and more electronic nameplates. The electronic nameplates will not only have information with respect to the family but the garbage collectors will have to scan the nameplate so as to know whether the waste has been collected or not.

There will be information related to the property after the scanning of the nameplate as well as the users can now pay the electricity bills online through that.The cost of making one plate is Rs 500.Smart CT will be made through retrofitting, re-development and green field. Talking about the first phase of retrofitting, the inhabited city will be resettled. Also, in the second phase of re-development, the government will make the city smart. At the same time, in the third phase of field development, the surrounding area is connected with the city.

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