Grant Thornton transforms Varanasi under Smart City Mission


Varanasi Smart City Limited has been transformed under the Smart City Mission Project by the project management consultant Grant Thornton. Grant Thornton was closely monitored by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs in implementing various projects under the flagship mission.


Grant Thornton began the execution by first raising awareness among the residents of the city as to why Varanasi could be and should be a smart city. It tried to address that through beautification of certain areas of the city where the water tanks were painted on along with graphically designed superstructures. It tried to emphasise on the heritage aspect of the city which could in turn also boost tourism in the city.


Grant Thornton was also working towards technologically advancing the city by integrating various city development mechanisms. It focussed on automating municipal administrations, optimising energy consumptions, monitoring traffic and surveillance, handling solid waste, examining environment quality, implementing smart street lighting, constructing smart vehicle parking facilities, and developing e-Governance platforms for grievance redressal systems. It also led to the formation of Kashi Integrated Command and control centre(KICCC). This has led to a set up of infrastructure that involves 700 cameras for surveillance all over the city, One-stop solution for mobile app and portal,24×7 help desk and installation of 10000 smart lights.

Grant Thornton has not only digitally transformed the city but also has led to building its heritage identity.

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