Global Housing technology Challenge catapulting PMAY: housing for all scheme


March of 2019 saw the launch of Global housing technology challenge to speeding up the process of affordable housing under PMAY: Housing for All scheme.PMAY has so far sanctioned the construction of 75 lakh houses out of which 12 lakh have been built. The dream of achieving the affordable housing goal that was set up under PMAY scheme is being catapulted by the global housing technology challenge(GHTC)by introducing various technologies in building these houses in a sustainable, cost-effective and durable. These technologies will also be addressing various geographic and climatic conditions. The lowest cost of technology would be selected for making the lighthouse project that would consist of 1000 houses, which would then be inhabited by treating houses as live laboratories. These houses could then be modified according to the various needs of the inhabitants.

PMAY in integration with global housing technology challenge is seeing the approval of 2-3 lakh houses per month. The sizes of the house are largely under the area of 30 sqmt and if the area requirement of the beneficiary increases then the state will have to contribute in that. Technology innovation grants of 2 lakhs rupees or 10% of the house costs are also being given to developing affordable housing modules. A total of 3.5 lakhs is being spent per house.6 States/UTs have been selected under this challenge.16 new technologies have been approved so far for building affordable houses.

There are a variety of companies that have done well under GHTC. The technologies that these companies try to cover are precast concrete construction system-3D precast volumetric systems,pre-cast components assembled at the site, Light gauge steel structural system and Pre-engineered steel structural system, prefabricated sandwich panel system, monolithic concrete construction system and Stay-in-place formwork system. Under each category, there are companies that have done commendable work for GHTC. Magicrete Building solutions has made 1008 houses in Ranchi through 3D precast Volumetric.BG Shirke construction technology has completed 1152 housing units for Tamil Nadu Slum clearance board through Pre-cast components assembled at site. Mitsumi Housing Pvt Ltd has made 1000 housing units for Urban development department in Tripura through light gauge steel structural system. Rising Japan Infra Private ltd has made 1024 housing units under the prefabricated sandwich panel system for Indore municipal corporation.

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