Common City Payment Card System for all city services

A world where IoT is becoming a major component in all aspects of our life, Surat Municipal Corporation with a vision of providing easy and world-class facilities to its citizens is digitizing all its services. To achieve this vision, convenience of the citizens is a top priority, for which a common card will be issued that would enable a citizen to make payments for various services. A cost of ₹ 44 Crores is estimated to establish the necessary ecosystem for the same. The ecos-system will include Prepaid Cards, co-branded debit/credit card, mobile wallets and NFC enabled mobile payments, thus future-proofing the solution. It will be used across the public places administered by Surat Municipal Corporation like nature park, aquarium, science center, for POS/EDC terminal and library, swimming pool membership, one-time entrance fees, etc. The best part is that these cards are not only applicable at places or services belonging to the Surat Municipal Corporation, but it will also be used to do retail shopping. The availability of the card by the Surat Municipal Corporation will be done in partnership with co-branded credit/debit/prepaid card by May 2018, that too free of cost without any recurring monthly or annual charges.

There are security provisions if the card is lost as the value will also be stored on the server, also the card can be blocked like any other debit/credit card if the customer reports the loss on time to financial institution. The solution provides interoperability amongst the members who subscribe to this solution and becomes a part of the payment network.

The City Payment Card will be instrumental in the payment of all city-wide services including its usage across all transit modes and civic services, with other municipal services like tax payments, thereby increasing the efficiency of the system.


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