Agra Municipal corporation to soon have the largest biodegradable waste plant in UP


Agra Municipal Corporation is developing a mega unit that would convert biodegradable waste into compost. The facility after receiving NOC certificate will have the capacity decompose waste that weighs 300 metric tonnes per day. It will be the largest government-owned biodegradable waste plant in UP.

The waste plant will cost approximately Rs 11.27 crore and the expected date of completion of the waste plant will be a month’s span after the plan commences. The compost will be used for plants in parks and on dividers along the roads. The 100 municipal wards produce 800 metric tonnes of waste out of which 500 metric tonnes belongs to biodegradable category. The residents are asked to segregate their waste and to ensure that companies working with AMC have been tasked to ensure the segregation of waste.AMC currently has 5 small waste-to-compost plants in different parts of the city.35 metric tonnes of compost is daily produced at the plant.

According to the AMC executive engineer,the compost plant is being developed at Kuberpur dumpsite.Soon the waste plant will have the capacity to recycle and decompose entire city’s waste in a day.This will also help in working towards Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’s clean India initiative where the 400 tonnes of compost generated is given to Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Limited.The civic administration has set a target of delivering 1000 metric tonnes of compost to IIFCO by December 31.

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