Adlkakha Associates develops innovative construction technology for Low income housing


In the 4th Generation, Social housing for weaker sections (EWS and LIG) needed to focus on incremental improvement in existing skill and technology rather than drastically change to only industrialized mechanization. One of the solutions lies in implementing the existing intermediate technologies in-situ on-site for serial production in accordance with actual demand. Thereafter it could gradually evolve to Industrialized Mechanization transiting into the 5th Generation.

The key element to designing “Low Income Homes” according to Mr.Pramod Adlakha is realizing of prospective people’s hard-earned savings or borrowing defining the characteristics of people’s lives, comfort level, aspirations, functionality thereby increasing their standard of living. Increasing the productivity & quality level of living with indigenous intermediate technology caters the synthesis of “traditional practice” and “modern technology”.With smaller modular of units, of components, the assemblage is easy and simple. Even altering and replacing components also is faster, easier & cost-effective. Keeping the cost reduction through focus on “cost drivers of the process”, the adoption of technology to optimize lies in construction principle of load-bearing walls.

In the above context, for low-income housing in low rise development upto G+3. Aap Ka Awas has developed packages of an  ‘Integrated Hybrid Solution”.It consists of walls with hydraform prefab interlocking technology, floors and roof with mechanized precast RC planks and joist system, and Ferro cement staircase with other elements. ‘Hydraform’ prefab interlocking technology blocks are manufactured onsite/offsite with cement, coarse sand, fly ash and gypsum. Wherein male and female locking are in the horizontal direction and a ridge and bed in the vertical direction. The system locks in both X and Y-axis. The floors and the roof are cast with moulds on vibrating tables. Joists are partially pre-casted with egg-laying casting machine or with moulds on the levelled platform. The Joists are erected with light cranes and erected on walls as per the spacing required. The partially precast planks are placed joist to joists or joist to the wall. The reinforcement is provided in haunches and then haunches are filled with concrete. The landings are provided with precast RC Planks and Joists technology. The flight is of precast tread riser unit in ferrocement and fixed with cement mortar from wall to wall spacing. 

Ferrocement consists of cement mortar mix, reinforcement, wired mesh chicken mesh, cast on a vibrating table with added admixtures. The Kitchen working slab, sunshades, shelves etc. are also precast with ferrocement.

With the past experience of more than 45 years, technology improvements have been made in mechanization and for better quality and safety. 


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