Tamil Nadu to get technical assistance for tackling natural disasters

Disaster hit Tamil Nadu state will soon get technical assistance to chart out strategies and ways to strengthen the risk management. Britain has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Tamil Nadu government to deliver a programme on technical assistance which would focus on bringing a transformation in the way urbanization is being carried out in India. 

The project is sanctioned by the State Government and would first be implemented in the cities of Chennai, Cuddalore, Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur. This would include Britain providing technical expertise in strengthening disaster mitigation response and risk reduction for the same. Also, the study’s recommendations have an inkling to be applicable to the other cities in Tamil Nadu state and then, in India. The current city selection is done by assessing the large coastal and urban populations at risk because of the rapidly degrading natural habitats. The Government Order according the implementation of the project was given in July, after a visit by British deputy high commissioner in which he came forward with this proposal.

The focus of the technical assistance would be on restoration and protection of fragile ecosystems, the prevention of saltwater intrusion, rainwater harvesting and general disaster risk reduction practices for more sustainable cities. The delivery partner appointed for the project is KPMG, it will be accessing the information related to fragile ecosystems, water, rainfall and other disaster management related details from various departments. Also, the study estimates that in the next three decades Chennai could be facing critical challenges due to the expected rise of sea between 4.35 metres and 6.85 metres due to tropical cyclones affecting 1,963 square km of the landmass.


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