The National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency Invest India announced about a workshop that is to be held in Pune called ‘Smart Cities Technology Showcase Day’, it is organized in partnership with the Smart Cities Mission, a Government of India initiative. The workshop is intended to bridge the gap between Smart Cities and startups, these startups include ideas for various fields, including traffic management, water and waste management, security and surveillance, whereas others not listed will have the opportunity to pitch to CEOs of Smart Cities at the workshop.         This workshop is will be an excellent opportunity for startups to present their innovations, interact, and network with relevant stakeholders, and scale their solutions with the Smart Cities. Overall, the workshop planned will be instrumental in establishing a startup ecosystem, this will modify the support available to innovators under Accelerating Growth of New India’s innovation (AGNIi) and Startup India. Invest India let out a statement said that startups have innovative solutions to real-life challenges and can contribute to the development of a Smart City. This showcase shall apprise Smart City CEOs of such technologies and innovative ideas present in the ecosystem that can be implemented at a city-level. 

The event is chaired by Kunal Kumar, Mission Director of Smart Cities Mission and Joint Secretary of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, with CEOs of Smart Cities from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Daman and Diu, and Dadra and Nagar Haveli being in attendance. The event is backed up by the  Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor of Government of India and Pune Smart City Development Corporation being the host Smart City. 


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