Kerala Tourism Department has made it easy to find a toilet nearby with precise details about the kind of toilet. This initiative is modeled on the lines of mobile apps widely used in the U. S, U. K, and Australia to make travel easier for people, especially the women, whereby 750 toilets have been mapped for use. The link will be incorporated into the official website of Kerala Tourism. 


The process will require one to search the app online on the website of Kerala Tourism or download a mobile app and the details of the toilets near your location will be available. The app will then provide the details including the picture of the commode, whether Indian or western, a photograph of the institution, working hours and holidays, access to the public if it is attached to the hotel or restaurant, and whether it is woman-friendly or not.

The 750 toilets made available on the app were mapped on the basis of a field visit and survey; it contains the information of the toilets, which have been grouped into a hotel, homestay, restaurant, petrol pump, public toilets, wayside amenities, shopping mall, museum/gallery, railway station, and restaurants. 

The State has a scarcity of good toilets and hence it can make use of this initiative by the Kerala Tourism. The work of online tagging of the 750 toilets, including the ones available in public spaces, involved giving geocodes which was done by Invis Multimedia, the IT solution provider for Kerala for ₹33.04 lakhs. The 750 toilets across the State of Kerala have been shortlisted from the available 1000 by conducting a proper physical survey by the survey team. The survey also put light on the current scenario about the diffusion of public toilet facilities in the State and how Kerala Tourism can plan the additional toilet infrastructure for the tourism sector. 

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