Jaipur City, also known as the Pink City for its use of Terracotta Pink facades received the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site at the 43rd session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. UNESCO shared the announcement on Twitter on July 6, 2019. 

UNESCO cited the reasons for Jaipur to receive the nomination is; because the city demonstrated an excellent development in the town planning and architecture by keeping intact the amalgamation and important exchange of ideas that occurred in the late medieval period. The city is a key centre, having defined new concepts for thriving trade and commercial hub made it an exceptional example of late medieval trade town in South Asia. Along with a glorious past, the city is currently associated with living conditions in the form of crafts that have national and international recognition was another reason.

Jaipur is the second in India after Ahmedabad to receive this title. The declaration of the city to be included as a heritage site has proven fruitful because of many government projects launched by in the past years. The first one being the launching of Smart City Project by the Rajasthan Government which made it possible for the city to be known as a blend of ‘heritage and modernism’ with a population of 3 million. The launch of Heritage City Development and Augmentation Yojana (HRIDAY), 2015 Tier II cities like Jaipur that were marginal before in terms of growth narrative of the Indian economy have received capital investments and knowledge regimes as per it.      

This development move is believed to boost tourism for the Jaipur city and the State of Rajasthan. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that the decision would prove beneficial for the local economy, provide employment and in turn improve the infrastructure. 

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