Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewerage Board brings down the unaccounted for water loss by 10 percent

The Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewage Board(BWSSB) claims to have brought down the extent of water loss from about 49%in 2012-2013 to 38% in 2018-2019. The board has invested about Rs 587 crore over the last five years which has helped in bringing down the amount of unaccounted-for water (UfW) by 10 percent. As there is new infrastructure coming up in Bengaluru in the coming years, hence the board plans to pump the water from the core area to the newer areas, in turn, emphasizing on the need of conserving UfW. Their further target is to reduce UfW to 37 %by the end of 2019 and further taking it down to 35% in 2020.

The chairman of BWSSB revealed an increase of 15 crores in the monthly water collection bill which indicated that there was a reduction in water loss. The monthly water collection bill in 2016 was 90 crore which shot up to 115 crores presently. The UfW project was the main driving force in reducing the water loss by identifying water leakages, rehabilitating pipes and replacing meters etc. BWSSB is playing its role in water conservation by providing treated water to Lalbagh and Cubbon Park to be used by Horticulture department for watering plants. This is also done to minimise the use of borewells as well as Cauvery water. The board is also providing treated water at Rs 360 to construction sites. The Yelahanka plant is providing 10 million litres of treated water per day to airport for construction purposes and is now also providing water to other agencies like Bharat Electronics Limited and ITC. This supplied water is not only fit for other activities but now can also be used for drinking.

BWSSB also mentioned that the multinational companies like Intel technologies, Infosys and Global Academy of technology have also installed smart meters at various locations and facilitate rainwater infiltration. The board has also taken up a 200 crore project under UfW to work under the umbrella of water conservation.

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