Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) is working towards channelizing Pune’s growth in a strategic and organized manner. On the occasion of the third anniversary of its establishment, the authority has published a report to reiterate its objectives and vision for the people. The report mentions their vision, mission and goals in an attempt to revamp the Pune Metropolitan Region (PMR). PMRDA looks over 2 municipal corporations, 7 municipal councils, 13 census towns and 842 villages. PMR has rapidly grown into a contemporary industrial hub. It is being identified as a growing metropolis with tremendous potential.

The vision is to develop a unique approach towards sustainable growth of the region to develop PMR as an International Premium Investment Destination. They firmly believe in organized progress and digital information access to all the stakeholders. They aim to create the future of living and doing business with a high liveability index. They have developed PMR as an educational centre providing skilled and talented manpower to several sectors of the economy. This has endeavoured Pune into a growth sector for a lucrative investment area. Also, this region of the country is a magnet for MNC’s around the globe to set their base and expand with a promising future.
They have carved the future roadmap of PMR through various initiatives. The preliminary effort involves the construction of Ring road to serve commercial utility junctions. It would provide connectivity to 5 National Highways. A major portion of the road will be taken upon the principle of Hybrid Annuity Model.
Another considerable effort by PMRDA finds its reflection in the Development Plan. The DP is being created on the goals of developing PMR as a prime economic hub of India. They also seek to accomplish is the most liveable region of Maharashtra with the best in class infrastructure along with endearing heritage and urbanscape. The township in Mhalunge-Maan would also be developed as a model township by PMRDA.
Other developments which they would consider are Metro Line 3, online building permission system, Indrayani Riverside development, enhancing fire services. It would also develop the data for comprehensive traffic and transportation study. They are also projecting to create a hyper-loop; a new mode of transportation which gains its speed via electric propulsion through a low-pressure tube. The authority is also working rigorously towards achieving Housing For All under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. They also aim at working for the development of tourism in PMR owing to its rich cultural heritage. The prospective plans of the authority have paved the way for Pune’s holistic growth.

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