A change in FSI norms is Revamping Chennai’s skyline

The consistent growth of vertical high rises across the country has paved the way for a similar trend in the Indian real estate market. Pertaining to the rapid growth of the high rise building in the country, the city of Chennai is all composed to witness a change in its skyline. This is because the state government gives a nod for increasing the Floor Space Index (FSI) of 0.5. This implies an additional increase of 33 percent to the existing built-up area. It would add momentum to the concept of cluster development in vertical planning systems. Chennai being the second most dense city in the country, the reallocation of the FSI norms has put forth new possibilities of vertical developments in the city.
The intent of the reform is for effective use of the scarce land of the city to accommodate all its needs. The reform allows scope for ground coverage by public spaces such as parks and open playgrounds. It also provides opportunities to free up land area for construction of public amenity services such as educational and healthcare institutions.
The norm would bring about a change in the city planning by serving as a tool for decongestion of spaces. It would provide the allocation of areas for rainwater harvesting. Similarly, the collection area of solar energy and reusing of wastewater. can be adopted. The order implies the creation of ease of living by making special provisions for differently abled, senior citizens and children. The increase in FSI has boosted the redevelopment market by allowing the reconstruction of existing buildings in accordance with the new FSI limit. The same plot can have an increased number of apartments beneficiary to the existing owners and the developers. It provides for gain in some additional square feet for residential and commercial spaces. The initiative is sure to cause the market of affordable housing to gain impulse.

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