WB to form QRTs in all the districts for disaster management



West Bengal State Disaster Management and Civil Defence Department will set up Quick Response Teams (QRT) for each district of WB, including capital Kolkata. The primary reason for establishing QRT is to ensure better assistance to people during emergency situations hence providing better disaster management. The QRTs will function under the respective District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA).

The QRTs will take an immediate charge in case of any natural calamity or emergency situation in the particular district. The QRTs will be made up of civil defence volunteers. The number of volunteers in each will depend on the number of sub-divisions in a district. The plan is to appoint 25 volunteers for each sub-division.

A disaster management plan has been prepared for the districts, which includes mapping the areas vulnerable to natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, landslides, drought, fires, among others. The district-wise disaster management plan helps in carrying out proactive work so that losses due to natural calamities are minimised.

The State Government has given a lot of importance for setting up a coordinated system to counter any disaster, be it natural or man-made.

The state had started the project, Apat Mitra, earlier this year for providing training to youths in villages so that they can provide support to rescue operations during a disaster.

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