Maharashtra to relay 10,000 km of road made of plastic waste



In another highly ambitious project, the Maharashtra government aims to re-lay 10,000 kilometres of the road using 50,000 of waste plastic in the next five to six years. The PWD has already relaid 1,000 km of the road using 5000 tonnes using plastic waste.

CP Joshi, PWD Contractor, said, contractors will be allowed to take plastic waste from dump yards in towns which are within 35 to 50 kilometres of the road work sites.

Women help groups will help these contractors in collecting the plastic waste and crushing it. It has been proved that such a mixture is increasing the life of roads besides reducing the maintenance cost, he said. The reuse of plastic is a positive move. But it will take a long time to reuse the entire leftover of the last three decades. We will have to find newer ways to reuse and dispose of the plastic waste lying in dumps and around human dwellings. He concluded.

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