Karnataka based travel agents eyes on election tourism



Travel agents based in Mysuru are banking on introducing a special election package to global tourists to lure in tourism at a time when Karnataka assembly elections are to roll out on May 12.

Done in a bid for foreign tourists to explore as India unfolds its democratic exercise with their diversified rallies and campaigns, Mysuru-based travel agent BS Prashanth, who is also an office-bearer of Karnataka Tourism Forum, has been promoting the concept among his contacts and is trying to woo few international tourists. He has circulated the message among 70 different travel agents across India.

With Mysuru being one of the countrys most preferred tourism destinations, industry stakeholders are hoping to cash in on the flavour of the season since the elections are coinciding with the peak tourist season. Tour operators are planning to approach foreign tourists interested in seeing the election process as campaigns by various political parties are gathering pace, especially in the rural pockets of Mysuru.

Prashanth said India has great scope for election tourism but little has been done to tap its potentiality. Our plan is to take foreign tourists to election campaigns, events and rallies in Mysuru and show them how elections in India are fought. They will also be taken to villages nearby to give them a real experience of democracy in India. Im sure tourists would love the experience, Prashanth said.

HP Janardhan, Deputy Director of Tourism Department, Mysuru, stated that the election tour idea seemed to be a good one. Were really open to any such initiatives to introduce our republic to the people of all nations.

Were in the process of making a 3-5 minute promotional video and use them on social media to reach out to a large number of tourists. I have a few open jeeps that will come in handy for this election tourism, Prashanth said.

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