SudhVayu Innovations to purify Delhis toxic air pollution



Swasthgram, an NGO known for its work in the field of providing preventive health care services utilizing technological innovations, launched ShudhVayu Innovation. It is a part of ShudhVayu Mission to address air pollution in India, especially in Delhi, that has seen worst air pollution statistics from past few years.

The ShudhVayu technological innovation estimates to remove 20 tons of unburnt carbon particles from Delhi Air in a single day.

The innovation is a filter that needs to be installed on the roof of moving the vehicle that canA?capture carbon particles from the air. It does not require any artificial power source such asA?motors or electricity. It doesn’t hinder any normal functionality of the vehicle and is very accessible to the user which can be installed, dismantled and cleaned by the user easily.

A brainchild of an IITian who made it his mission to clean entire Delhis air pollution with this innovation was experimented for about two years, after which it showed promising results in reducing the external air pollution.

Amit Bhatnagar, Chairman, Swasthgram stated different impacts such as health impact, loss of dignity and economic impacts that India is facing as a result of air pollution and provided the technical details on how this innovation can make a difference in cleaning the polluted airA?on the principle of air flow generated by a moving vehicle.

He stated that public contribution and public participation is a must to make ShudhVayu Mission a success.

Deepti Verma, Director, Swasthgram, mentioned that Swasthgram intends to raise funds from the community to bring it into implementation stage in next few months. Public contribution and public participation is a must to make ShudhVayu Mission a success.

She acknowledged everyone to make full use of the technology and place it on roofs of all moving vehicles at no cost or at a very low cost to make it sustainable for long term.

Swasthgram through this launch is looking forward to raising public donations to start production of ShudhVayu Innovation.

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