Kochi will play host to a Global Digital Summit on March 22 and 23, the panel will discuss on how business can keep up amidst ever-rising consumer expectations and disruptive innovation.

The first of the six panel discussions over the two days of the summit will focus on The Future of Travel and Transportation where the player of the industry will share their insights into where the industry is headed in five to ten years time, the rapid changes being wrought by technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and ideas for enterprises to leverage these efficiently.

The panellists are Kamal Bali, Managing Director, Volvo India; Natesh Manikoth, Chief Data Officer, US Federal Aviation Authority; Christoph Mueller, Chief Digital Officer, Emirates Group; Antony Satyadas, CEO and Managing Partner, Innovation Incubator Inc; and Dr Roland SchA?tz, Group CIO, Lufthansa Group. Journalist and anchor Swati Khandelwal will moderate.

Towards a Digital Future is the theme of the summit organised by the government of Kerala.

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