E-waste management panel to be set up soon in Bhopal



The state of Madhya Pradesh is considering of setting up an e-waste management committee comprising representatives of academic institutions, non-government and administrative organisations. The committee will advise the MP Pollution Control Board (MPPCB) and government on e-waste management.

Anupam Rajan, Principal Secretary and Chairman of MPPCB said that the formation of the committee at a workshop on e-waste management was held by the board on the premises of the Environmental Planning and Coordination Organisation where representatives from academic institutions, banks, government departments and industries took part. Experts spoke about e-waste management and rules and acts implemented in the state and the country.

Rajan said that owing to overpopulation, India is counted among five prominent e-waste producing countries in the world.

About 70% e-waste is created from computer equipment, 12% from telecommunication equipment, 8% from medical equipment, about 7% from other electrical equipment, 75% from government and private sector and nearly 16% from domestic use, he said.

AA Mishra, Member Secretary, said MPPCB is the countrys first board that conducts e-waste survey and spoke about the ban on polythene carry bags.

Mishra warned about carrying polythene bags and its hazardous effects to the environment.

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