WheelStreet initiates dock-less motorbikes on Indian roads



By now the world is familiar with the rise of on-demand bicycle services, which started out with Mobike and Ofo in China, but one startup in India is twisting the concept slightly to bring dock-less motorbikes to the streets of India.

The initiative is called WheelStreet Go allows users to rent a scooter for short-term periods. The scooters can be picked up and left anywhere, and they are rented by entering a passcode generated inside the app once a QR code on the bike is scanned. That, in turn, opens the lock on the vehicle. A dedicated team ensures bikes are parked away properly and that generally the vehicles are spread out.

Moksha Srivastava, WheelStreet CMO and Co-founder, said, We want to experiment and get feedback in Bangalore first, well just stay here for next six months, then well replicate the Go model in other cities. For now, were looking at the metro cities, where the area is wide and people travel four or five kilometres to their office or home.

WheelStreet works with bike rental shops to use their vehicles for its service. The revenue is shared and each vehicle is given WheelStreet branding and locks and put on its map for users.

The service has been operational in parts of Bangalore using 50 scooters, all of which are 100cc scooters. The pricing rates work out to less than $1 for two hours of usage, but there is no time limit.

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