Varanasi-Kyoto initiative transforms city to smart heritage



In a bid to strengthen the Indo-Japan diplomatic bilateral relations, the two Asian nation has undertaken a flagship project- ‘Varanasi and Kyoto Initiative’ to further promote the development of Indias holy city- Varanasi.

The initiative links India’s heritage capital and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s constituency Varanasi with Japans heritage city Kyoto.

The Varanasi-Kyoto partner-city agreement, initiated by India Center Foundation (ICF), was signed in the presence of the leaders of both nations on August 30, 2014. ICF has been working towards India’s national development process through India-Japan Global Partnership (IJGP) for nearly two decades.

Headed by its Chairman Vibhav Kant Upadhyay, ICF, acting as a facilitator for Varanasi and Kyoto Foundation (VAKYO), established a bridge between the two great partner cities and has been responsible for transforming the lives of the local population by providing world-class infrastructure for them.

The initiative aims to transform Varanasi into a Kyoto-style smart city, under which Japan will partner with India in order to boost the overall infrastructure of Varanasi, making the city a symbol of India’s development.

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