Digital malls to come up in Indian cities next year



Realizing the value of digitalisation, the Indian government has taken up the initiative to launch digital malls across various cities of India early next year. The shopping platform Digital Mall of India, the new technology created by Indian entrepreneur Rishabh Mehra, is an e-commerce solution that will garner major attention from investors and retailers.

The digital project is an amalgamation of real estate and digital space. It is a unique concept that introduces digital malls with digital shops where an individual can buy, sell and rent, and provides customers a convenient and trustworthy online shopping experience. It also enables Indian retailers of all sizes a robust and scalable platform to sell their products online.

Mehra explained, “The combined effect of digital technologies is dramatically changing our leadership responsibilities, whether in politics, professionals in business, teachers in school or parents raising children. Retail leaders say a shopping platform that allows customers to feel their virtually physical presence inside a mall for shopping and entertainment, that too, using mobiles or laptops from within the confines of their comfortable homes or offices is the next big revolution for online shoppers.”

It will bring together the best of offline and online worlds, the shopping experience of an offline mall where brands have dedicated shops and convenience of online shopping where there is unlimited selection and benefit of buying anytime, anywhere.

At Digital Mall of India, the vendors will have an offline presence in the city to integrate their offline store to their shop. Based on the zero commission model, it is a great opportunity for retail brands to take on the e-commerce giants who are faceless entities on the internet.

With this, the future of online retailing is about to undergo a paradigm shift surely.

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