Centre to train 1 crore civil defence volunteers by 2022



According to the National Civil Defence College (NCDC) officials, the central government has planned to train around 1 crore civil defence volunteers by 2022 to provide better response while dealing with both natural and manmade disasters.

NCDC director, GS Saini, Director, NCDC, highlighted, Our institute has for decades trained master trainers from both governments, private and social sectors. These then go and create a larger volunteer force on the ground. We can provide training in multiple areas to deal with disasters.

He pointed out that civil defence involves measures for preparation for assistance to individuals, groups, communities in need of immediate relief as a result of natural or manmade events. The assistance includes services rendered for search and rescue, fire fighting, medical aid and public health, welfare, communication, training, disposal of dead among others.

The core objective of civil defence is to instil in people the strength to survive the impacts of emergencies and mobilise in large numbers to assist the administration in ensuring faster recovery so that many lives can be saved.

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