Authorities insist on using tech for the safety of citizens



The concept of smart cities cannot be realised without the safety and security of the people. In order to achieve the same, technology lies in the core. The smart city transformation is fuelled by technology advancements and the deployment of intelligence and information management systems to keep the security of its citizen under check.

To secure the idea of smart cities the safety and security of people is the most important agenda and without achieving the aforesaid parameters the idea of smart cities is not complete.

Cities and urban space in India are steadily adapting to this change, with authorities working in tandem with each other. Each smart city today has developed its own safety and security program.

We have been very careful in terms of overviewing the data when it comes to integrated command and control systems. We have strictly followed the framework provided by the government and framed by the NSC Secretariat, said Chandramauli Shukla, CEO, Bhopal Smart City Limited.

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