Prof. (Dr.) Satish Chandra, Director, Central Road Research Institute, (a national laboratory of CSIR on Road Research) congratulated the partners and said, “We are extremely proudA?and motivated to be a part of this initiative, and hope to build strength into the campaign by providing robust research support on various aspects of road safety such as insights on road design and engineering.”

“Road Safety is a quintessential part of DLF’s vision to make Gurugram a sustainable city. We are glad to extend our support in making Safer Roads For Gurugram initiative a roaring success, in conjunction with all the partners,” said Col. Prakash Tewari, Executive Director, DLF CSR.
Given the fact that Gurugram is growing as a bustling urban space, the initiative is rightly taken to stop the menace of road accidents which quite prominent in the region.

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