Indore makes its way to the top by tackling waste management



In order to bring about the change in the city, Indore Municipal Corporation (INC) as part of its waste management strategy, honored those who display exemplary initiative in tackling waste in their neighborhood, offering them a one-on-one with the Mayor or the Corporation Commissioner. And, hefty fines for the litterers.

According to Swachh Survekshan 2017, an initiative of the Urban Development Ministry Indore was ranked the cleanest city in India and such measures by IMC paid off.

Here, we first laid emphasis on the door-to-door collection of waste. At this point, we kept waste segregation out of the picture as this would lead people to see the whole exercise as extremely burdensome and keep them from extending their total cooperation, says Ajai Jain, Director at Eco Pro-Environmental Service, and a consultant to IMC.

Only in the last eight months did we start insisting that residents segregate their waste, and its now showing results, said Jain. All the 600 garbage collection vans came with partitions enabling separate collection of organic and inorganic waste.

IMC started imposing a fine on those caught littering the roads. The fine ranged from 50 to 500.

Though the penalty was small, it helped bring about some discipline, especially among commercial establishments. Whenever a commercial establishment would be penalised, the media would highlight it. It also focussed the spotlight on those who were managing their waste efficiently and this helped to create awareness, says Jain.

A door-to-door collection fee of 60 a month was added to the property tax.

There were incentives encouraging residents to compost waste.

A discount of 5% to 10% was offered on the property tax to those who installed bulk waste converters to compost organic waste. Many hotels grabbed the opportunity, stated Jain.

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