The DDA has shifted Over 1,350 families, who were living at Kathputli Colony from February 2014 to June this year. This initiative is a part of a redevelopment project for the artisans’ colony in West Delhi’s Shadipur area.

DDA said, Approximately 5.2 hectare land of the DDA near Shadipur Depot in west Delhi has been under encroachment by jhuggi- dwellers for about 35-40 years.

“After notification of Master Plan of Delhi-2021 wherein in situ development of slum areas has been envisaged, tenders were floated for the redevelopment of the area on a public-private partnership (PPP) mode,” DDA added.

A contract was being signed with a major private developer for the project.

“Shifting of these persons to the transit camp was started in February 2014 and by July 2014, 527 families had been shifted,” the DDA said.

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