Kolkatas Salt Lake is illuminated with lights owing to the on-going Fifa Under-17 World Cup football tournament.

The neighbourhood, especially Broad Street, the thoroughfare leading to the stadium, has suddenly transformed into a vivid landscape, ignited by lighting fixtures. From the rice lights spiraling the tridents and the spotlights flashing atop trees to the newly-installed lamp posts has given a visual upgrade to Salt Lake.

“The lights make me feel excited about the event. One is suddenly aware of the existence of such a huge public infrastructure (street-lighting) which was not so apparent all these years,” says a resident.

“The street-lighting was given as much importance as the interiors of the stadium. If the stadium has 2 kilo watt metal halide lamps, 400 watt bulbs have been installed on the streets. About 250 new metal halides and 100-odd LEDs have been installed at a cost of Rs 25 crore,” says a PWD official.

“The lighting overhaul gives the township an extra glow, in the backdrop of 88,000odd spectators (capacity of Salt Lake stadium) visiting the place. Since LED is dimmer, metal halides have been used for street-lighting,” said a PWD (electrical) official. Adding to the illumination are the pavement edges painted for the glow-in-the-dark effect.

The lighting was planned so that it could synchronize with the landscaping.

The glitzy Fifa event has done the place much good. Outdoor illumination is not only crucial in making a town safe and functional after dark, it also indicates celebration.