The Raipur Smart City Limited has initiated the process for implementing the Raipur Smart City Payment System.

The system will comprise preparations of City Smart Cards, Mobile App and a web portal on Public Private Partnership Model.

The proposals includes the smart city solutions which involves the use of technology, information and data to improve infrastructure and services within the city of Raipur.

The Naya Raipur Smart City System will comprise Smart Governance, City Surveillance, Intelligent Transport management System, Electricity and Water supply and City Command and Control Centre among others by connecting physical, institutional, social and economic infrastructure to deliver a quantum improvement in the quality of life.

Compiling the best resources as used in developed countries, this project is aimed at improving infrastructure as well as surveillance system in the city

The other city management systems include intelligent lighting systems, pay and use parking systems, city guide map available through web browser, intelligent transport system, city level wi-fi touch screens across the city, display boards across the city for providing real-time information, emergency alert and crisis response systems, traffic re-routing applications based on real time traffic data.