Kochi initiates e-waste management program in school


InsertWith growing concern of hazardous impact e-wastes and in a bid to eliminate it, Minister for Education of the Government of Kerala, C. Raveendranath, has launched a program of E-waste disposal to remove e-waste like computer, PC and other electronic equipment from the schools of Kerala.

According to estimates, e-wastes amounts to over one crore kg in the city and this initiative has disposed about 12,500 kg wastes in a day.

This initiative of E-waste disposal is a collaboration of Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE) and Clean Kerala Company.

The programme aims at disposing e-Waste such as desktop computers, monitors, laptops, disk drives, printers, UPS, camera, speaker system, television, network components and generators from 10,000 odd schools and educational offices in the state.

Instead of disposing e-Waste as garbage which creates environmental issues, a recycling company in Hyderabad, Earth Sense Recycling, works at scientifically processing these e-wastes by removing hazardous materials like Mercury, Lead, Cadmium leak into the environment and refurbish them, as per the government norms.