New & Renewable Energy minister launches Surya Mitra mobile app



Piyush Goyal, Minister of State (IC) for Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy has launched the Surya Mitra mobile app at the National Workshop on Rooftop Solar Power. The GPS based mobile app has been developed by National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE) which is an autonomous institution of Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE).

The Surya Mitra mobile app is currently available in Google play store, which can be downloaded and used across India. This App is a high end technology platform which can handle thousands of calls simultaneously and can efficiently monitor all visits of Suryamitras. The trained Suryamitras who opts for entrepreneurship have joined in the mobile app in several states. These Suryamitras are once again sensitised by NISE on soft skills Customer Relations Management, Punctuality and are now ready to deliver the services.

This innovative mobile approach shall enhance the employment of trained youth in solar PV technology and also improve the businesses of solar entrepreneurs because of quality servicing, maintenance and repairing professionals are now available to customers at the click of a button on their mobiles.

Under NABARD scheme of Off grid Solar PV system few lakhs of off-grid systems have been installed and systems do require regular maintenance. To keep the system in good condition skilled manpower is required; therefore, the proposed technical platform of Suryamitra mobile app can be utilised for this purpose too. MNRE has an ambitious target of installing 100,000 solar PV pumps in several states. Suryamitra mobile app would come handy with respect to O & M, Repair and maintenance of solar pumps. Similarly, millions of Square metre of solar water heater systems are already installed in various states. In order to maintain the existing system and to install new systems properly, Suryamitra app would be very useful.

Overall this technical platform is very useful in the field of renewable energy to serve customers at their doorsteps with quality installation, repair, and O&M services. Suryamitras with the help of NISE ensure standard functioning and servicing of Solar PV and thermal systems to all customers. NISE has checks and controls in place to ensure that all Suryamitras offer quality service at reasonable price to their customers. NISE has fixed a price Rs 150 per visit as visiting charges for Suryamitra services and for installation and O&M charges Suryamitras would charge standard charges as per MNRE advised rates. It is hoped that Suryamitra mobile app would act as an effective catalyst in creating demand for solar products in the country and in offering employment and business opportunities for Suryamitras.