CEBRA & SLA design a school for The Sustainable City in Dubai


CEBRA & SLA - ins

CEBRA, in partnership with landscape architect SLA, has designed the Sustainable School for The Sustainable City in Dubai. In opposition to hot-climate educational environments which are regularly large, air-conditioned structures, CEBRAs vision for The Sustainable City proposes permeability between outdoor and indoor learning environments, employing both in equal measure.

We had to rethink the school in our design. Why not take advantage of the warm climate, move many of the functions of the school away from artificial air-conditioned rooms, and out in a naturally ventilated, cooled environment?says Mikkel HallundbA?k Schlesinger, Architect and Head of CEBRAs Abu Dhabi office. [Weve] worked extensively with [educational] architecture since we established the office in 2001, but this is the first time [weve designed] a school, in which the climate and vegetation constitute active design parameters.

The Sustainable Citys greenery continues into the school and up the buildings facade, and students would actively contribute to this dialogue by maintaining gardens for vegetables and flowers. The City project is being developed by Diamond Developers which consists of townhouses and courtyard villas inspired by Dubais historic Bastakyia district, as well as a hotel and innovation centre. The Citys energy would come from solar cells and all wastewater would be treated and reused.

Once completed, Veris International School is set to serve 1000 students between the age of 3 and 12.