Trams get renovated to commemorate Kolkata’s colonial-era heritage



Ten trams in Kolkata were renovated into mini-auditoriums for films, theatre and music as part of Tram Tales initiative, a unique two-day event.

Various media like films, videos, music, art, photography, games, food and even adda, were used to celebrate the nostalgia of trams as a symbol of Kolkata’s rich colonial-era heritage.

The 10 non-working streetcars at Gariahat tram depot were renovated to make one of a kind common platform within the city where youths, painters, rock bands, singers, artists and others came together.

A couple of the trams were fitted with small projection screens and turned into mini cinema halls, said Anirban Kundu, Marketing Head-East of Max Fashion, who partnered in the event.

Trams were also turned into a stage for theatre groups who performed inside the streetcar.

Bands like Ganesh Talkies, Underground Authority, Neel Sarkar Project and others were invited to perform inside the trams.

One of the trams was also turned into a small cafe partnering with a local coffee shop for people to have their own adda sessions.

A tram was also painted by painters of the city.