Dehradun urban systems to get help from international experts



A team of experts from Germany recently met the Nagar Nigam officials to discuss a possible partnership in projects related to stormwater management, renewable energy, and others. The German government has shortlisted four Indian cities including Dehradun out of which two will be selected to receive technical support from Germany which might also include funding. The team is from an NGO known as German Cooperation which is backed by United Nations.

The coordinating organisation between the German team and Dehradun Municipal Cooperation is ICLEI South Asia and has been doing the background work for finding out the areas which need technical expertise in the city. After a careful study, it was found that four areas in the city – Rajpur, Ajabpur, Mata Mandir Road and Rest Camp are most vulnerable.

Rahul Singh, Senior Project Officer, ICLEI South Asia said, Our primary aim is to prepare the city resilience strategy and to study the urban systems which become fragile. The climatic change also adds another layer of fragility which can happen because of something like increase or decrease in temperature. We will essentially identify some interventions to improve the existing urban system so climate change in future will not impact the people and keep the urban systems in mind we have found 4 areas to be the most fragile.”

The four shortlisted Indian cities are Surat, Rajkot, Dehradun and Warangal in which surveys have been conducted to isolate the fragile urban systems. Elaborating further on the subject, Mayor Vinod Chamoli stated, “The surveys conducted by ICLEI were the first phase of this plan and the today was the second phase where the experts visited our city. The main areas that need work are solid waste management, storm water drainage, renewable energy and wastewater management. Out of these four areas, it’s the waste water management in which we are totally lagging behind since India doesn’t have this system in practice anywhere and for all of these problem areas the international experts will provide us technical support for capacity building.” He also mentioned that although at present the objective is to get technical know-how, there is also a possibility of funding from the foreign sources if needed. ICLEI is also giving DMC 30 lakh for the solid waste management project in Dehradun.